Husky and Reindeer Adventures

The quintessential Lapland activities

Husky sledding and reindeer safaris are arguably the quintessential Lapland activities. There is something enchanting about exploring the Finnish fells behind a team of huskies or in a sled guided by reindeer.


The icon of the Arctic Circle and the trusted steeds of Father Christmas himself, reindeer have been part of the local Sami culture for hundreds of years. Exploring the fells by reindeer drawn sled, or enjoying a visit to local reindeer farm to learn how the Sami live alongside these peaceful animals are just two of the fantastic activities on offer.


Dog sledding dates back thousands of years and is still one of the best ways to travel in the remote Arctic. The dogs are bred for a combination of strength and stamina and they love the snow. Help your guide harness your team for the day and then it’s up to you whether you enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the fur lined sled, or take your turn standing at the back where you'll be in charge of the most important part of the trip – the brake.

For more information on husky and reindeer adventures in your resort please contact your skiLapland specialist.

What we offer

Our activities are organised alongside our trusted resort partners and slightly different packages are offered in each resort. Below you will find a taster of what is available.

5 –10km Husky Safari

These short trips are ideal for families and are the perfect way to try something new whilst still getting as much time on the slopes as possible.

Multi Day Excursions

For those that want more than just a taste of what it’s like to drive a team of huskies through the Arctic our multi day excursions are a fantastic addition to your skiLapland holiday. You’ll learn to harness and feed your team as you discover the magical fells of Lapland.

Visit a local Reindeer farm

Reindeer have been part of the local Sami culture for hundreds of years and this is your chance to get closer to these peaceful animals whilst learning more about both reindeer and the Sami.

Reindeer sleigh ride

Enjoy the tranquillity of your very own reindeer drawn sled. This is a magical addition to any skiLapland holiday, especially around Christmas.

Please contact your skiLapland specialist today for more details of what we offer in each resort.

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