Northern Lights holidays

Exclusive tours and Northern Lights expertise

Experiencing the enchanting and elusive Northern Lights are, quite rightly, on a large number of bucket lists. Luckily your skiLapland specialists are on hand to ensure you have the highest possible chance of seeing this stunning natural phenomenon during your stay in Lapland.

Your chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis are highest in winter and early spring when the nights are still long, giving you the best opportunity for the display to appear. We have a number of specialist accommodations which we recommend for people keen to see the Northern lights, like the Glass Igloos in Levi. Alternatively we have a selection of handcrafted Lapland holidays designed to combine Northern Lights and skiing, for the ultimate holiday in Lapland.

Please contact us today to speak to a skiLapland specialist to find out more.

Ways to see the Northern lights

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